The Additional Costs of Maintaining a Saltwater Aquarium

Deciding between saltwater fish tanks and freshwater fish tanks may lead you to choose the low maintenance freshwater version. But if you want to grow interesting fishes and other marine animals with lush vegetation, the saltwater aquarium may be the choice for you. The only downside with this choice is the cost of maintenance. Find out the additional costs of maintaining a saltwater aquarium in this information.

One of the first requirements of having a saltwater aquarium is to have at least a 50-gallon fish tank. This is where the first additional cost is needed. The freshwater tank does not require a minimum size for the tank. The 50-gallon requirement will ensure that the environment is fit to be a healthy environment for marine animals and vegetation.

The maintenance for saltwater fish tanks is also more expensive compared to the freshwater counterpart. There is a need for high-quality pumps and filters. To keep the balance in the environment and maintain the proper salinity, you also need to invest in salt mixes and test kits. In addition, you also need to include live ornaments. In this connection, you should also purchase a protein skimmer. This will culture live corals, which is very beneficial for the water environment of the fishes. The addition of a live rock is also strongly recommended.

What is a live rock? A live rock is rubble that is part of a coral reef structure. It is normally broken off from the coral reef by natural means of natural disturbances such as tropical storms or any other calamities.

It is called live rock due to the living organisms attached to the rock. Life forms include algae, marine worms, bacteria, and small crustaceans are present in these live rocks. These provide numerous benefits to marine environment in your fish tank.

There might be an additional expense for the purchase of live rock and you may be tempted to set up a saltwater fish tank without the live rock. But this is never recommended because the live rock acts as a source of food for the small organisms. Hence, it is very important for the balance within the aquarium. It likewise acts as filter that helps get rid of the toxic substances in the water. It is a worthy investment for your first fish tank.

Therefore, choosing the saltwater aquarium involves additional costs in the right size of the tank, maintenance, additional vegetation and live rock, and other equipments. But with persistent effort and the right expertise, the success can reveal beautiful results with interesting fishes and other marine animals.

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