Maintaining a Healthy Aquarium Using Proper Fish Treatment Methods

There are many things to consider when it comes to maintaining a healthy fish tank. Medication for fish treatment depends on whether you have a Tropical, Coldwater or a Marine aquarium. For example, some medication affects the biological system which can kill certain bacteria required for a healthy aquarium. You must read the instruction manual carefully before you start any treatment.

You have to take into account the size of the fish tank. When treating fishes some certain type requires isolation and hence having a big fish tank is advisable. If you have a small size fish tank, it is highly recommended to buy a portable one as a backup in case you have to isolate certain fishes.

All problems in a fish tank are bacterial, parasitic and environmental in nature. The bacterial infection is characterised by white patches instead of spots and this is cured by using bacterial fish medicine. The parasitic infection can be easily identified as it is characterised by individual white spots on the fish and this can be cured by treating the water. The environmental infection is caused due to improper handling and maintenance of the aquarium. It can be easily prevented by constantly checking the water quality and maintaining fresh stock for the fishes all the time.

Cotton mouth is a type of bacterial infection and takes place due to poor water quality and improper diet. It spreads very easily and in cases causes the death of all the fishes in the tank. Symptoms of this disease are white colouring and disintegration on the fins. Treatment of this infection can be done through change of water, vacuuming the gravel, use of antibiotics, adding aquarium salt and discontinuing carbon filtration throughout the treatment.

Velvet or otherwise known as rust or gold disease is a type of parasitic infection. It is caused by a parasite that penetrates into the skin and gills of a fish and feed on the nutrients. After feeding and maturing it releases itself into the water and thereby creates an unhealthy water quality for the fishes. Symptoms such as rapid breathing, discolouration of skin, and peeling of the skin will occur. To treat this infection raise the water temperature, reduce lighting of the aquarium, use aquarium salt and discontinuing carbon filtration.

Ammonia poisoning is a type of environmental infection and occurs when too many new fishes are added to the tank. Symptoms of this disease can be detected when you notice the fishes gasping for breath on the water surface, gills will appear to bleed as a result of change in colour, fish laying at the bottom of the tank and red streaks on the body will appear. You can treat this by using chemicals that neutralises the ammonia and discontinuing feeding for a certain period of time.

If you are starting up a new fish tank using Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Bacteria Gel Balls as a treatment is advisable. It is a bacterial treatment which provides the required ammonia and nitrite in water to provide fishes with a clear and healthy environment. Take note that treating the water is important because poor water quality leads to all sort diseases for the marine life in the tank.

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